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BaseCalc v1.1

A free pocket-sized stereo base calculator

BaseCalc is a small calculator that enables the stereophoptographer to compute, on the field, the appropriate stereo base.

The following formula is used (derived from the Bercovitz formula):

  • Base: stereo base, spacing between the lenses or between the two successive positions of a single camera (cha-cha mode)
  • MAOFD: Maximum Acceptable On Film Deviation, related to the highest confortable parallax angle, for 35mm film the value is generally between 1.2 and 1.5 mm
  • Focal Length: camera's focal length (second field is the focal multiplier factor to be used with digital cameras).
  • dMin: distance of the nearest object (foreground distance)
  • dMax: distance of the farthest object (background distance)
Note: the formula used is valid when dMin is much larger than the Focal Length, thus it is not correct for macro-stereophotography.

Clicking one of the Calc ! buttons will compute the corresponding variable using the values entered for the other four variables.
Metric system or imperial system can be used.
Current settings can be saved for later use (see the File menu).

PocketPC sceenshot
BaseCalc will run on Windows Mobile / PocketPC devices (with .Net Framework 1.1) and will also work on a regular PC with Microsoft Windows XP.

Click here to download BaseCalc (25 KB)
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