Demo Album 2
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Sunset in Namibia : Etosha national park

Camera autopsy

This is an animated GIF, the comment shows you the number of frame (20 here).

Windsurfing in El Yaque, Venezuela

Painters in Montmartre - Paris - Winter 1999

This is a small bridge over the Canal Saint-Martin in Paris

Grande Arche in Paris La Défense

Paris Arc de Triomphe at sunset

Fountain in Trafalgar Square - London

Sun City - The Palace, South Africa

Sallanches, France

Ile d'Arz - Vieille maison dans le bourg

Market in St Denis de la Réunion

Titanic at an Arabic cinema - Egypt

Sunrise on the Lake Nasser - Egypt

The Nile in Luxor - Egypt

The church Roura, French Guyana

Chambord castle - France

Old car in central Habana, Cuba

Old restaurant in Montevideo, Urugay

Woman preparing a Tereré, the national drink, Asunción Paraguay

Quebrada de Cafayate - Argentina

Volcano near San Pedro de Atacama - Chile

Chobe river in the Chobe National Park - Bostwana

Waiting for the eclipse... North of Zimbabwe
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