MyAlbum Version History

Version history

  Version 2.3 (Dec-03):
  • Redesigned List view using a spread-sheet like grid. The List can be accessed from a button in the tool bar and can be customized at the album level. Columns can be made editable so information can be modified directly in the list (picture comment for instance). The "List view" tab in the MyAlbum Setup dialog box now defines the default column settings for the new albums. The "Album Info" dialog box now has a "List view" tab for customizing the definition of the list for the current album. The list can also be printed.
  • New "Selected pictures information" command in the Picture menu. It allow to alter the properties of all the selected pictures of the album in one operation.
  • A subset of the Display Strings macros have been defined as "mutable" that is they can be written to modify the corresponding album or picture property.
  • The Find command offers a new option for displaying the result in a List view.
  • MyAlbum can now use a monitor or printer color printer for better accuracy of the colors (Color Management button in the Monitors tab of the MyAlbum setup).
  • New "Shuffle" mode for the slideshow: pictures are displayed in a random order but each picture is displayed once before starting over. This option is also available in the screen saver module and in the Viewer.
  • It's now easier to move a group of pictures in an album with the mouse as the selection is no reset when the user tries to drag the selection. It's also now possible to drop the pictures after the last one of the album.
  • Poster printing can now use mirror and/or flip options.
  • New "sync" type for the Play Commands to wait for a previously started sound to end.
  • New command in full-screen mode: press the Ctrl key while moving the mouse wheel to change the zoom factor.
  • The cropping rectangle now displays its position and size in full-screen mode.
  • Ability to save a picture as a uncompressed TIFF file (1, 8, 24 or 32 bits per pixel).
  • The /script command line parameter can be used with the Viewer.
  • New find feature in the Viewer (same as in MyAlbum).
  • New script commands and properties:
       . app.sScriptFile: The filename of the current script (if any).
       . app.CaptureScreen: capture a rectangle of the screen and place it on the Windows clipboard.
       . app.ConvertString: Convert a string to UFT-8 coding.
       . app.sDateTimeFormat: Date / time format
       . album.SetMacroValue: modify a property via a Display String.
       . album.nbFlaggedPicture: number of flagged (red X) pictures.
       . album.sDateFormat: Format for displaying the Custom Fields of type Date.
       . album.sTimeFormat: Format for displaying the Custom Fields of type Time.
       . picture.Save: Save the loaded picture to a file.
       . picture.SetAsWallpaper: Set the picture as the desktop wallpaper.
       . picture.MakeAnaglyph: Compute a 3D anaglyph picture from two pictures.
       . picture.Mirror: Mirror the image (left <--> right).
       . picture.Flip: Flip the image (top <--> bottom).
       . picture.Resize: Resize a picture (in memory).
       . keyword.sListValues: List of values (separated by CR-LF) for the List Custom Fields.
       . app.Trace: added optional parameters for text color and icon.
  • Selection of the font and the colors for the script editor in the "Colors" tab of the Application Setup dialog box.
  • More than one script editor windows can be opened simultaneously. This will make copying and pasting from a scrip to another easier. It also allows MyAlbum to run more than one script (the evaluation of a %SF macro in a script for instance).
  • Syntax coloring for the scripts written in the Perl language.
  • A moveable divider has been added in the "Run script" dialog box to change the relative sizes of the script editor and the trace list.
  • New macros for the Display strings: %SW, %SH, %LE, %RI, %LN, %ML, %MU (see the online help for details).
  • Most of the settings of the "Common parameters" frame (in the Export album" dialog box) are now saved inside the album file (and not any more in the registry). So are the settings of the "Display" frame of the "HTML & Contact sheet settings" dialog box and the "Target folder" of the "Convert and resize pictures" dialog box.
  • New command line parameter /maxwnd for starting MyAlbum with it's main window maximized.
  • Correction: the "relative path" is also applied to the picture URL if it's in the form of al local file (eg: c:\folder\file).
  • Correction: the height in the CSV export was incorrect.
  • Correction: contact-sheet shadow width and color weren't saved.
  • Correction: random crash when saving a script with the Unicode version.
  • MyAlbum album file version is now 1.19
  Version 2.2 (Jan-03):
  • New help system using HTML help. Help improved with new pages and some clarifications on several subjects.
  • Ability to pan the picture with the mouse in full-screen mode (hold down the left button and move the mouse to move the picture).
  • Help page accessible from the Screen Saver setup screen.
  • Advanced search using expressions written in VBScript to find pictures in the album in a powerfull way (for instance: find portrait pictures, pictures taken a sunday,...)
  • The Background music edit fields in the Album Info and Picture Info windows have now an auto-expand behaviour to make the typing of multi- line Play Commands easier. More than one file can now be dragged'n dropped in the edit field to automatically build a multi-line Play Command.
  • New 'S' flag in Play Command to stop all playing sounds before starting the current one.
  • Copyright or information text can be entered for the album in the Viewer tab of the Album Info dialog box. The text will appear in the "About" dialog box of self-running albums built with the Viewer.
  • Moving pictures with the mouse between two album will now copy also the picture information (comment, keywords, custom fields,...).
  • The tooltip text can now display more than 80 characters.
  • New script commands and properties:
       . album.sAlbumCopyright: Copyright or information text.
       . album.dateCreated: Creation date of the album.
       . album.dateLastSaved: Last modification date of the album.
       . app.GetFilename: Open the standard dialog box for selecting a file or a folder.
       . picture.nbKeyword: Number of keywords attached to this picture.
       . picture.nbCustomField: Number of custom fields defined for this picture.
  • Enhanced script editor with syntax coloring (VBScript and JavaScript), bookmarks, Find, Undo/Redo...
  • Contact-sheets can now have a textured background.
  • New command line parameters /loadlastalbum for reloading the most recently used album.
  • Export of thumbnails can now use a sub-folder of the output folder.
  • Correction: PNG paletted images with a transparent color weren't displayed correctly.
  • Correction: the batch rename (standard mode) wasn't updating the counter correctly.
  • Correction: selecting a keyword in the Album Info dialog box was resetting the other modified fields to their original values.
  • Correction: in the Album Info dialog box with "Sorted keywords" set, the list wasn't sorted correctly after adding or renaming a keyword.
  • Correction: the display was sometime not updated after the modification of the tabs-keywords.
  Version 2.1 (Aug-02):
  • New printing module: define your own templates to print your pictures.
  • Contact-sheets now easier to build: output folder is created if it wasn't existing, the thumbnail size is computed using the other parameters (sheet size, number by row, column,...), more error processing done.
  • Visual feedback when moving pictures with the mouse makes rearranging them easier. Page and mouse wheel scrolling has been adapted to make scrolling thru large albums easier.
  • Enhanced Batch rename: an advanced mode using Display Strings for building the new names has been added.
  • New settings for the album viewer: enable/disable the navigation bar, ability to use the viewer settings in MyAlbum as well.
  • New macro for the Display strings: %SF. Use a script function to generate the text (see the help for details and the ScriptDisplayString.vbs example).
  • Miscelaneous macros are now available in the Build Display String dialog box.
  • Redesign of the navigation bar with smaller buttons.
  • When building a all-in-one album, sound files and pictures displayed in HTML pages are automatically included. Message added when the album is successfully generated with option to test the album.
  • New FullScreenView scriptable object for manipulating the view used for displaying the pictures in full-screen mode.
  • New script commands and properties:
       . app.AddCustomTool and app.RemoveCustomTool for creating and deleting Custom Tools from a script.
       . picture.GetPixel and picture.SetPixel for getting and setting a pixel in a picture.
       . picture.xmlEncode: generate a XML stream from the picture.
       . album.xmlDecodePicture: add a new picture based on a XML stream.
  • The viewer can now run scripts too (VBScript & JavaScript only!)
  • Screen saver now accessible from the Tools menu.
  • Better support of multi-monitor computers (98, Me & XP).
  • Rewriting of the PCX decoder: supported formats: 1, 2, 4, 8 and 24 bits per pixel.
  • New interface for the video playback (less problems with some DivX), settable in the second tab of the Album Info dialog box.
  • Added OGM files (Ogg-Media) to the recognized video types and OGG files to the recognized sound types.
  • More dialog boxes are resizable thanks to Erwin Tratar Layout Manager (
  • Correction on the "Picture Info" display that wasn't updated correctly when a window was closed or pictures moved.
  • New "Min" button for setting the printing margins to the minimum possible for the current printer.
  • Added setting for chosing the scaling mode for displaying the pictures in the non-DirectDraw mode. HALFTONE is now the default scaling mode for the picture convertion and the thumbnail generation as it gives a much better result for the thumbnail with most video cards.
  • Correction: the custom tools weren't added to the List View menu.
  • Correction in picture rotation (again!) when insufficient disk space.
  • Correction: all-in-one album generation failed when the Viewer was a read-only file.
  • Correction: sort on first keyword wasn't working at all.
  • Correction: Album-level sound can now be played by the screen-saver.
  • Correction: Thumbnail weren't correctly exported when the output folder has a dot in its name.
  • Correction: pictures weren't saved in the root folder of a drive.
  • Correction: zero-length strings were making the Exif extractor crash.
  • Correction: joystick wasn't working under Windows XP. Joysticks without point-of-view button weren't handled correctly.

  Version 2.0 (Nov-01):
  • New on-the-fly cropping for displaying only a part of the picture.
  • New stand alone album viewer with the ability to build an all-in-one executable containing the viewer, the album and the pictures (alpha release).
  • New settings for controling how the album will behave in the viewer.
  • PNG file type added when pasting a picture in an open album.
  • Correction: finding using "list" custom fields is now working.
  • Correction: incorrect scrolling when using the mouse wheel under some conditions.
  • Support for mouse wheel in full-screen mode with Windows 95.
  • Correction: Metafile type is now listed in the "Add file" dialog box.
  • Correction: Rotating a read-only picture (from a CD for instance) was crashing the application.
  • Correction: looking for updated version of MyAlbum now works for computers behind a firewall or proxy.
  • Slideshow delays in MyAlbum and in the screen saver module can be decimal numbers (eg 1.5 for a second and a half).
  • Find window can now be resized.
  • Support for other scripting languages than VBScript and JScript (Perl, Python,...).
  • The script editor window now has a combo-box for accessing the most recently used scripts more easily.
  • When printing texts (title, thumbnails,...) can have a transparent background.
  • New script commands and properties:
       . album.nCropMode: Current cropping mode,
       . album.sDSPictureInfo: Display string for the picture info,
       . album.GetPictureByFileName: Retrieve a picture by its filename (without path)
       . picture.rcCrop: cropping rectangle used for displaying only a part of the picture,
       . picture.nRotation (reserved for future use),
       . picture.lDisplayMode: Picture level display mode (reserved for future use),
       . picture.nTransition: Type of transition (hi-word) and delay in 1/10s (lo-word).
       . app.nSlideshowMode: type of the current slideshow.
       . app.sInfo: String for storing temporary info.
       . app.GetTickCount: Retrieves the number of milliseconds that have elapsed since the system was started.
       . app.DecodeBase64ToFile: Decode a Base64 string to a file.
       . app.HTTPGet: Get data from the Web and store it in a file.
       . app.HTTPGetString: Get (text) data from the Web and return it as a string.
  • MyAlbum constants are now directly usable in scripts.
  • Updated install/uninstall procedure (Jordan Russel's Inno 2.0.17
  • MyAlbum album file version is now 1.17

  Version 1.5 (Mar-01):
  • New 'Publish on the Web' command for uploading an album to a Web site.
  • New 'Rotate' command for rotating JPEG pictures.
  • The text to append to the thumbnail names can now also be added at the beginning of the names.
  • New command line parameters /auto and /multi for starting automatic and multi-mode slideshow.
  • New option 'Use Script' for the 'Two frame page' HTML export: uses javascript to display picture comment along the picture.
  • New type for the Custom Fields: list for defining selection list.
  • The text of the full-comment in full-screen mode can be customized with a Display String.
  • The "picture info" text (at the right of the "Info" button) is now cuztomizable in the Album Information dialog box.
  • New command "Move pictures" for moving the selected pictures in another folder.
  • Text printed for the thumbnails can be different from the one displayed.
  • New script commands and properties.
  • New macros for the Display strings: %Pw, %Ph, %Pb, %Pk (see the online help for details). Lists in the 'Build display string' dialog box have been updated.
  • New type for the Play Command: 'fpxr' for playing the sound file embedded in a JPEG file. Some digital cameras can record sound and save it inside the picture file.
  • Screen saver: new silent option for suppressing background music.
  • Correction: Relative path for never-saved albums is corrected.
  • Correction: Playing the same video in loop is now working.
  • Correction: The 'Multiple pages with thumbnails' HTML export was always including the first picture of the album.
  • Correction: display of metafiles (WMF) picture was messy and there was a memory leak when loading these files.
  • Correction: trying to display an HTML file doesn't crash the program if IE is not installed.
  • Correction: %Cn and %cn macros are now working when n = A to Z.
  • Correction: Relative path wasn't working with an UNC path (album on a remote drive).
  • MyAlbum album file version is now 1.16
  Version 1.42 (Nov-00):
  • More options for the screen saver: filter non graphic files, select pictures to display on a keyword. Settings for the Multi-mode are now local to the screen saver.
  • Ability to assign the joystick button to slideshow commands (next, previous picture, zoom...).
  • Optional usage of DirectX DirectDraw library. On modern computers (with some megabytes of video RAM) it will speed the display and zoom operations.
  • Keywords can be (as it used to be) automatically sorted.
  • New display modes: Fit Horz/Vert for viewing pictures that are much taller than wide (or the contrary).
  • Comment in fullscreen mode can now be placed in other places than the bottom left corner.
  • Comment in fullscreen mode can have a shadow for better readability.
  • New script commands and properties:
       . album.nDisplayMode: various flags about the album
       . album.lCommentFlags: Flags for displaying the picture comment in full-screen mode
       . album.sDSFullComment: Display String for the full comment
       . album.SetFSDisplayMode: set the fullscreen mode
       . album.CvtNumPic: Convert between logical and absolute picture numbers
       . album.DeleteKeyword: Remove a keyword from the album
       . album.DeleteCustomField: Remove a custom field from the album
       . album.sICMInfo: ICM info for the album.
       . picture.SetTextStampInfo: Set the stamping information (text)
       . picture.SetPictureStampInfo: Set the stamping information (bitmap)
       . picture.Next and picture.Previous: Retrieves the following or previous picture.
       . MultiMode and MultiSubMode have been move from the Album to the App object.
       . App.SendMessage: send a Windows message to one of the MyAlbum window.
       . App.ReDrawFullScreen: redraw the full-screen display.
  • New macros for the Display strings: %AK, %PU, %Pp, %Ps, %PT, %Pt, %PK, %Ap, %At, %ST (see the online help for details).
  • New Play Command flag: 'I', Immediate mode: play before displaying the picture.
  • Correction: Relative path for videos now works.
  • Correction: Parameters for app.HTMLDialog are correctly taken into account.

  Version 1.41 (Août-00) :
  • Background music extended to the files supported by Windows Media Player (wav, mid, snd, au, mp3, mpg, avi, mov,...). Install the latest version of Microsoft Windows Media Player
  • Video files support. If DirectX is installed, MyAlbum can be used to catalog and display video files (avi, mpg, mov, qt,...).
  • HTML files support (IE4 or later must be installed) for defining textual pages in an album.
  • New setting for adjusting the brightness (gamma) of the pictures of an album.
  • New command to "flag" pictures. A red X is displayed on the upper-right corner of the thumbnail enabling the user to quickly mark pictures.
  • The app.Run script command can now start applications synchronously with MyAlbum. Return value changed from Bool to Long (0: OK, >0: Error code).
  • The 'eMail support' button initializes the Subject field of the mail with the versions of MyAlbum and Windows. Use it if you want a better support!
  • New script command picture.copyRect to copy a part of a picture to the clipboard.
  • New script command picture.pasteToThumbnail for replacing the thumbnail with the content of the clipboard.
  • New script property album.nActiveTab for retrieving/setting the active tab.
  • Album printing: Footer font can be defined independently of the title font.
  • New background music flag 'W': slideshow will wait for the music to end.
  • New application flag for dropping pictures in the reverse order (useful for some applications).
  • Exit from the full-screen mode by pressing both mouse buttons.
  • Minor bugs fixed.
  • Updated install/uninstall procedure (Jordan Russel's Inno 1.3.16
  • Updated graphic library libpng 1.0.8 (
  • Updated graphic library IJG JPEG LIBRARY Version 6b 27-Mar-1998 (

  Version 1.39 & 1.4 (May-Aaug-00):
  • Beta versions

  Version 1.33 (April-00) :
  • New: Rubberstamp pictures with text or bitmap when converting/resizing.
  • Windows Metafile (WMF) file support (read-only).
  • Information about the picture can be displayed as tool-tip when moving the mouse over the thumbnails (see Album Info box).
  • Picture comment in full-screen mode can display more than one line of text.
  • ALB album files can be added in a album to use it as an album bookshelf.
  • Bug corrected: searching for a string custom field value is now working.
  • Bug corrected: error dialog boxes are not displayed in the screen saver.
  • Adding files: selecting a larger number of files is now possible.
  • Relative path (if selected) is used when adding pictures to an album.
  • About dialog box: button for verifying if a new version is available on the Internet.
  • MyAlbum album file version is now 1.15

  Version 1.32 (Mars-00) :
  • PNG files support (read and write).
  • Drag and drop pictures from MyAlbum to any application or the Windows Explorer.
  • The script dialog box is now modeless (you can continue to use MyAlbum with this dialog box open).
  • New display modes: Shrink (only pictures larger than the screen are resized to fit the screen) and Enlarge (the contrary, only pictures smaller than the screen are enlarged to fit the screen).
  • New Tool menu, for clarity some menu items have been moved to this menu.
  • New command Tools/Customize: add access to a script with a menu command or a keyboard shortcut.
  • Select all the pictures in the album with the 'Select all' command (Ctrl+T).
  • Improved object model for scriptable objects.
  • New command line flag: '/scrip scriptfile' to run a script when the application starts.
  • Improved backgroud music: music can be defined at the album level, music attached to a picture can continue on the next pictures.
  • Bug corrected: Password can be defined for the screensaver under Windows 95/98.
  • Bug corrected: selecting an empty keyword-tab may crash the program.
  • Bug corrected: the option 'Use relative path' now works when the extensions for known file types are hidden.
  • MyAlbum album file version is now 1.14

  Version 1.31 (March-00):
  • Beta version
  Version 1.3 (Feb-00) :
  • More flexibility for specifying the information displayed during slideshow or in HTML pages (date, file size, custom fields,...).
  • Search pictures on custom field value and -at last-, search can be case insensitive.
  • Integrated script tool (VBScript or JavaScript). Build scripts to accomplish complex tasks or custom functions.
  • Batch rename : rename a set of picture in one operation.
  • Support for languages other than english.
  • Play music in background (wav or mid files).
  • Improved HTML : the width of the film strip is proportionnal to the thumbnail size. New HTML type : picture list with the pictures embedded in the page.
  • Bug corrected in the HTML maps generated when building contact sheets.
  • Other minor bugs corrected.
  • Updated install/uninstall procedure (Jordan Russel's Inno 1.2.9
  • MyAlbum album file version is now 1.13

  Version 1.21 (Jan-00):
  • beta release only

  Version 1.2 (Dec-99):
  • New: MyAlbum Screen Saver : use your favorite album as the Windows screen saver.
  • New: Custom Fields feature : associate user-defined descriptions, numbers, dates, and times to image files. For instance you can add a Date or Author fields to each picture in an album.
  • Bug corrected : using the Autoflip option may lead to an unreadable album.
  • Bug corrected : you can now drag'n drop folders to add picture to an album.
  • Bug corrected : using LAN stored images with the Relative Path.
  • New: Command for pasting an image directly in MyAlbum.
  • Added support for MAX extension files (One MAX supplied: extract digital camera information from JPEG/Exif (date, time, shutter speed,...)).
  • Correction for TIFF using CMYK separated colors and 32 bit JPEG.
  • MyAlbum album file version is now 1.12
  Version 1.12 (Nov-99):
  • beta release only
  Version 1.11 (Oct-99):
  • New command to sort an album on the pictures filename, date,... (menu Pictures).
  • New feature with keywords : define them as Tab. Each keyword defined as a Tab will be displayed as buttons at the bottom of the screen. Selecting one button will display only the pictures that have this keyword.
  • Bug corrected : back arrow button was behaving strangely in the Picture Info dialog box (backward then forward motion when kept pressed).
  • - Correction for enabling Windows 9X users to have correct thumbnails of large pictures(>3M Pixels) : the thumbnails are build in two steps.
  Version 1.1 (Sept-99):
  • Export your album, as HTML pages, contact sheets or simple text list
  • Support for Truevision TARGA (*.tga) files (16, 24 & 32 bits)
  • The current picture is identified amongst the set of selected pictures by its red text (color is customizable).
  • Find results can be viewed in a new album window.
  • New keyboard commands : Ctrl + left or right arrow. Move within the set of selected pictures without clearing the selection.
  • More settings for choosing the color of various items (comment, background,...).
  • Safer picture deletion : now asks the user for confirmation and place, whenever possible, the deleted files in the recycle bin.
  • Experimental 'Find similar pictures' command helping identifying identical pictures.
  • Settings for saving JPEG files (quality level and progressive encoding).
  • MyAlbum album file version is now 1.11

  Version 1.03 (Aug-99):
  • MyAlbum has now a decent install/uninstall procedure, thanks to Jordan Russel's Inno freeware setup. (
  • Albums are now opened maximized within the application main window.
  Version 1.02 (Aug-99):
  • Bug corrected when reading comment in (old ?) GIF files.
  • Error message boxes suppressed during automatic slideshow
  • Rename your files within MyAlbum, click the thumbnail filename and type the new name. Press Enter to validate or Esc to Cancel. (Shortcut = F2)
  Version 1.01 (Jul-99):
  • Multi-display mode: new slideshow with many images on the screen
  • New Setup dialog box with more options
  • Improved (just a little) on-line help
  • Screensavers can be disabled during a slideshow
  • Progress bar for lengthy operation (loading and saving album)
  • MyAlbum album file version is now 1.10
  Version 1.00 (Jun-99):
  • URL can be added to picture, to active link, right click on the bottom line comment during slideshow
  Version 0.98 (Apr-99):
  • "Smart" viewing : large pictures are stretched/reduced to fit the screen, small pictures are zoomed x3.
  • Use a joystick during slideshow ! (Button 1:Next picture, Button 2:Previous picture, both:Quit slide show, pan the picture with the stick, Button 3:Zoom in, Button 4:Zoom out, both:Smart viewing.
  • Deleting the last picture of an album was buggy, corrected
  • Delete picture from album AND from disk with Ctrl+Sh+Del
  Version 0.97 (Mar-99):
  • Conversion functions (saving in BMP, JPEG or GIF & resizing)
  • Wallpaper function : change the Windows wallpaper within MyAlbum
  Version 0.96 (Mar-99):
  • Support of animated GIF and multi-page TIFF (Press 'Q' to stop/restart animation)
  • Margins for the inside side of the poster pages
  Version 0.95 (Mar-99):
  • Support of TIFF files
  • Files that MyAlbum is unable to process (without crashing!) are displayed with a big red X
  Version 0.94 (Feb-99):
  • Zoom viewing
  • more bugs fixed (!)
  Version 0.93 (Jan-99):
  • Poster printing, print an image on several pages
  • Some bugs fixed

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