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So what is MyAlbum ?

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So what is MyAlbum ?

 A free picture cataloger for building easily digital photo albums.
 Runs under Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP, Vista... up to Windows 10.
 Build self-running "all-in-one" albums.
 Supported picture formats JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, animated GIF, TIFF, TGA, PCX and WMF files.
 Supported video formats AVI, MOV (QuickTime), MPEG (all the video formats supported by the Windows Media Player).
 Other format : HTML (IE 4 or above needed).
 Comment and keywords can be added to each picture.
 Searching on file name, comment or keyword.
 Full screen display, zoom, unzoom, fit to screen.
 Manual, automatic, random and multiple slideshow with background music and transition effects.
 Easy printing of the thumbnail pages and the pictures.
 Poster printing on several sheets of paper.
 Build contact sheets and HTML pages (online demos: Film strip, Automatic slideshow (IE 5.5+) and Metal).
 Easy convert, resize of the pictures.
 Special features for building CDROM album.
 Extracts information from images taken with digital cameras.
 Integrated script tool (VBScript, JavaScript, Perl,...).
 Screen saver to play albums when PC is unattended.

Screen shots

  Application main window (104 KB)
  Printing a poster (110 KB)
  Finding similar pictures (108 KB)
  Running a script (15 KB)
  Screensaver configuration screen (17 KB)

Free Downloads

  MyAlbum standard international version + 3D features (2.9 MB)
  MyAlbum Old standard international version 2.5.13 of MyAlbum for older systems like Windows 95 (2.24 MB)
  Demo Album A demo album showing most of the capabilities of MyAlbum (381 KB)
  Larger Demo Album A larger demo album (1.32 MB)
  Plug-ins and Scripts... MyAlbum plug-ins and scripts to download
        Plugins for using a scanner, controling the slideshow with a standard infra-red remote control,...
        Unleash the power of MyAlbum with more than 100 scripts to download!

Download the MyAlbum wallpaper (JPEG 1280x1024 - 154 KB).

  Version française   French version French speaking users / Utillisateurs francophones, téléchargez la version francisée.
  Language files (Translated user interface) - To be downloaded with the international version.
Croatian - Thanks to Damir Stimac.

Thanks to Damir Stimac.
Czech - Thanks to Milan Haman.

Thanks to Milan Haman.
Danish - Thanks to Jakob Hoffmann and Bjarne Aabrandt Jensen.

Thanks to Jakob Hoffmann and Bjarne Aabrandt Jensen.
Dutch - Thanks to Onno Voors.

Thanks to Onno Voors.
French - Translated by Pierre Meindre.
French - Français

Translated by Pierre Meindre.
Galician - Thanks to Xosé Antón Vicente Rodríguez.
Galician - Galego

Thanks to Xosé Antón Vicente Rodríguez.
German - Vielen Dank an Gottfried Koschel für die Übersetzung.
German - Deutsch

Vielen Dank an Gottfried Koschel für die Übersetzung.
Greek - Thanks to Costas Giannoutsos.

Thanks to Costas Giannoutsos.
Hungarian - Thanks to Ágoston Mihály.

Thanks to Ágoston Mihály.
Italian - Thanks to Francesco Rizzo, Massimo Piemonte, Bruno Tonelli and Alberto Gatti.

Thanks to Francesco Rizzo, Massimo Piemonte, Bruno Tonelli and Alberto Gatti.
Portuguese - Thanks to Margarida Apolonia Pires Correia.

Thanks to Margarida Apolonia Pires Correia.
Spanish - Thanks to Luis Bernal.

Thanks to Luis Bernal.
Swedish - Thanks to Gunnar Öhrn.

Thanks to Gunnar Öhrn.

 Help Wanted ! Want to have MyAlbum speaking your own language? You can help the MyAlbum project by translating its user-interface into your mother-tongue. Just send me an e-mail to get the language development kit!


  Online tutorials on the web site:
       - Getting Started with MyAlbum.
       - Adding keywords & comments, and running a slideshow in MyAlbum.
       - Creating Contact Sheets with MyAlbum.
       - Generating web pages using MyAlbum.
       - Creating an autorun CD album.

Reviews TechTV - Call for Help: Become a Master of Technology - March 23, 2004
"Whether you're just looking for an easy way to get all of your pictures into one place, or a way to create albums you can send off to annoy -- er... share -- with your family and friends, MyAlbum is the perfect tool."
MyAlbum is the Most Downloaded freeware in the Image Cataloging category for the year 2002 at Download of the Day (January 12, 2001)
"Could you use a software photo album that can display nearly all image file formats and most video files? If so, you should investigate MyAlbum. MyAlbum does it all. It comes in English or French, and it's free. However, if you really like MyAlbum and would like to get free update announcements and extra support, you can register for $15 (or 15 Euros).
This is probably all the slide show software you will need for quite some time."

(Refers to 1.42 version)

Yippee (jul-2000)
"MyAlbum is a simple (in look) graphic viewer but loaded with features. (...) Perfect for the home or even professional photographers. Supports a wide range of graphic formats."

PC World (June 23, 2000) Capture the Perfect Image (Selection of image editing tools)
MyAlbum was also selected as the (12/28/1999)

Agfa Net (march 2000)
"Simple Image Cataloger and Slideshow" - that's the modest way French program author Pierre Meindre describes his MyAlbum image archiving software. In truth, however, it supports an outstanding range of powerful functions that go way beyond classical image collecting and categorizing.

ZD Net (Reviewed on 29 fevrier 2000)
"MyAlbum is a handy image program that puts a number of commonly used utilities into one easy-to-use package. (...) There are a number of very useful options for exporting your albums as HTML pages or even plain lists. All in all, MyAlbum may replace several other image utilities you may be using with its range of features and options."

PC World Australia (janvier 2000)
Put your photos on the Web
"Several Windows apps can help you assemble Web photo albums, but MyAlbum, despite a few quirks, is a freeware standout. Once you learn your way around its somewhat confusing interface, you'll find that MyAlbum is pretty darned powerful, and it will save you hours by automatically creating thumbnails and Web pages for your images."

(23 fevrier 2000)
"Here's a freeware alternative to all those photo albums out there. The inferface isn't perfect yet, but it's got all the options you need in a photo album for absolutely $Zilch. It puts several shareware and commercialware packages to shame."

PC-Online (German) (octobre 1999)
Pinsel zum Nulltarif : Die besten Download-Tools für Web-Grafiker

Version history

  Version 2.6.3 (June-21):
  • Support of presenter devices like Logitech Presentation Remote: F5 now launch the slide show, PgUp and PgDn move backwards and forwards if the pictures is displayed adjusted to the screen (Maximized).
  • Now to Hide/Show a picture, press Shift-F5.
  Version 2.6.1 (January-21):
  • Handling of MPO 3D files.
  • New 3D modes: Combined LR/RLon two lines and Combined Anaglyhph+LRL.
  • Correction when centering/resizing views in 3D mode.
  Version 2.6.0 (July-20):
  • A new version more than 10 years after!
  • Minor corrections.
  • Inverted the zoom when using the mouse's wheel.
  Version 2.5.13 (May-10):
  • Minor corrections.
  Version 2.5.8 (Jan-08):
  • Corrections for display on interlaced 3D monitors.
  Version 2.5.4 (June-07):
  • Support of Microsoft Windows Vista.
  • Improved sound synchronization when starting a slideshow.
  • Correction: loading very large scripts was crashing the application.
  Version 2.5.3 (May-07):
  • Correction in selecting items in the sheet layout editor.
  Version 2.5.2 (Mar-07):
  • Support for "Deflate" compressed TIFF pictures.
  Version 2.5.1 (Dec-06):
  • Correction : opening an album by double-clicking an album file.
  Version 2.5 (Mar-06):
  • New volume parameters for the Play Commands: media can be played at a specified volume and the volume of a background music can be turned down while a spoken comment is played.
  • New (experimental) Slideshow synchronisation dialog box for an easier placing the pictures along a timeline.
  • The Picture Info dialog box (F7) has now a movable divider for adjusting the relative sizes of the comment and keywords/custom field areas.
  • The Picture Info dialog box (F7) now works like the Transitions (F9) dialog box when more than one pictures are selected in the album.
  • Transition duration is now included in the picture delay time. - New vertical panorama modes.
  • New Keyword tab in the Album Info (F6) dialog box. Dynamic categories can be defined: pictures belong to a dynamic category if the given boolean expression is true.
  • New "Copy pictures" command in the Picture menu to copy the selected pictures to another folder.
  • New "Open containing folder" command: will open a Windows Explorer window showing the folder that contains the current picture.
  • Two new settings in the "View" menu of the Sheet layout editor:
       . Quality preview: Use the real pictures instead of the thumbnails for the preview display (slower).
       . Use picture preprocessor: Authorize a MAX picture preprocessor to modify the picture before printing ("Quality preview" must be set to visualize the effect in preview mode).
  • In the Sheet Layout template editor, press Ctrl-C to copy the current area to the Windows clipboard and press Ctrl-V to paste a previously copied area to the template.
  • Added the ability to disable the chrominance subsampling when saving JPEG files (improved quality when saving anaglyph pictures for instance).
  • Improved multi-monitor support (MyAlbum, Viewer, ScreenSaver) New "Refresh monitor list" button in the Monitors tab.
  • Experimental stereo stamping.
  • New script commands and properties:
       . app.bJPEGNoChromaSubsampling: JPEG chrominance subsampling control.
       . app.CopyString: Copy a string to the Windows clipboard.
       . app.PasteString: Paste a string from the Windows clipboard.
       . alb.EnsureVisible: scroll the view so the specified thumbnail is visible.
       . picture.BrightnessContrast: Change the brightness/contrast of the loaded picture.
       . fullScreenView.GetMousePos: Retrieve the current mouse position.
       . alb.sLastFolder: Last folder used when adding pictures
  • New debug flag DEBUG_KEEPBADPIC (0x10) to keep the partially loaded picture (when picture file is damaged for instance).
  • Self-running albums are now compatible with code-signing.
  • Corrected: Using the "Open new window" or "Open new list window" options in the Find dialog when a Sheet Layout template view was open wasn't working correctly.
  • Corrected: Search using custom field wasn't working in the Viewer.
  • Corrected: crash on computer without any transition installed.
  Version 2.4 (Aug-04):
  • New: MyAlbum is now able to play transition effects between picture during slideshow. Transition effects are available in the standard MyAlbum application, the MyAlbum Viewer and the screen-saver module.
  • New experimental display modes for panorama pictures: smooth scrolling left to right or right to left of very wide pictures.
  • New setup window for the Viewer: multimonitor and MAX extensions setup.
  • Support for the WM_APPCOMMAND API (extended keys on internet keyboards like, play, pause, stop,...).
  • Experimental stereo mouse cursor: click the mouse wheel along with (1) the Shift key for parallel or crossed viewing (2) Shift+Ctrl keys for red-cyan anaglyph viewing. Roll the mouse wheel to adjust the z position of the mouse cursor.
  • New keyboard shortcut in full-screen view: press Shift-C to show/hide the full comment.
  • New macros for the Display strings: %pT, %pt, %pa (see the online help for details).
  • New script commands and properties:
       . app.CreateObject: Create a COM object (internal use).
       . app.ConvertString: Convert a string (to UTF-8).
       . app.nTrackRectInfoType & app.nTrackRectInfoSize: type and size of the drawn over the cropping rectangle.
       . picture.transitionID: CLSID of the transition.
       . picture.sTransitionParameters: optional parameters of the transition.
       . fullScreenView.ReloadPicture: Fully reload the current picture refresh the screen.
       . fullScreenView.PlayTransition: Play a transition between two pictures.
  • MyAlbum album file version is now 1.21
Older versions: Click here

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